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Lucky Patcher

Version: 6.4.4

Program license: Free

Program by: Chelpus


Lucky Patcher keeps all of your phones up to date around the clock.

Lucky Patcher scans your phone daily to ensure all of your apps are running on their most recently released software update. Additionally, the app removes any malicious software and viruses from your device. The app is useful for keeping your phone healthy and running optimally. The app will appeal to those looking to ensure their phone is running as smoothly as it possibly can, as well as those looking to free up some storage space on crowded hard drives. Lucky Patcher is available as a free download on most digital marketplaces.

Lucky Patcher performs admirably on most devices. The app is great for helping to keep older devices running well into their twilight years. This fact means Lucky Patcher can be a great money saving option, as it can save you hundreds on a new device by keeping your device healthy in the long term. The app sets itself apart by providing a useful service in a previously untapped niche. The app runs extremely well on most devices as it causes minimal slowdown and virtually no stuttering. Lucky Patcher is worth your attention and comes highly recommended.